Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Bitter Sweet Goodbye

As the Christmas season edges closer and closer, the end of the college semester ends. The normal college student would have had their classes all picked out for the 2012 season by now. However, I am finished with school! Crazy! I can't believe that I will no longer be driving back and forth from the college campus or waiting on the edge of my seat at 11:59pm because registration opens at Midnight and I fear not getting the classes I want. Nope. That is no more.

While I enjoyed school, I got in that mind set one time that it wasn't for me and I had no care in the world to continue but in reality, who doesn't have that moment? I am proud to say after a bit of jumping around, I have an Associates in Baking and Pastry Arts and have just finished my requirements for an A.A.S. in Small Business Management. I must say, I am quite proud.

I must say, I will miss the hustle and bustle of getting classes set up, the challenge of finding out which way to buy books is cheaper, as well as the homework (yes, I am a nerd.) however, I am kind of excited to be all done! Is it scary? Yes. But I'm just gonna take my part-time retail job and run with it until something fantastic comes along.

Not to mention, I still have quite a lot of learning to do! I have baking books to read, notes to take in the binding, recipes to write and to test, and of course a blog to write! The schooling isn't over. It just won't be in a sit down classroom anymore.

I must say, I am quite proud of my self for being as I am. I may have wanted to give up, but I never let myself. I think that's what matters. I have no regrets just happy thoughts for the upcoming year.

That's exactly how you should go about life.
Happy Thursday everyone!

Celebratory 'I <3 Cupcakes' Shot!


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  2. WOOO HOOO!!! GO KATE!! :) :) So proud of you!! :)