About Me

It's your every day average story...
Just an average girl, living an average life, in an average town, working an average job, with a passion for being in the kitchen with a little flour on her face.

I have an obsession with things that are baked. You might mistake me for a 5 year old as I squeal when I stare in to the oven, watching my cupcakes rise and cookies spread. When I have an idea that works I break out into a little song and dance. I have also realized that I work better when I 'wing it'.

If there was one person I would trade lives with for a day, it'd be Lady Gaga. Her brilliance, free spirit, and bravery is everything i'd love to have. Although... Martha Stewart is a close second on that list. Mainly because of her organizational skills and ability to do a million things in one day. How on earth does she do it?