Monday, November 21, 2011


With Thanksgiving just 3 short days away, my mom and I have finally planned what we will be cooking that day (and prepping days before hand). Last year we made it our goal to make at least one different item each year, and that tradition will continue this year!

Last Sunday we spent a few hours lounging in the living room and looking at the magazines we've both received throughout the year and had no time to read! What better time than a week and a half before big-old Turkey Day. In those two hours, we had our menu planned.

We browsed through Bon Appetit, Martha Stewart Living, and even Family Circle! We used bright yellow post-its to flag our favorite ideas, recipes, and decorating tips for the Holidays! (Might I say, Martha Stewart's December issue of living has the most flagged pages by far! I love Martha.)

What about you? What are you making for Thanksgiving? Do you have yearly traditions, or do you make different things each year?

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  1. Hey Kate, it occurred to me that I did not include my blog address with the cookies I sent for the swap. I hope you received and enjoyed them. I'm at